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Compilation of images from year


I was going through some photos and videos this morning. It really got me thinking. It’s crazy how many things happen at school in...
screenshot of britannica blog

Solar System

Pam Renfrow, a Curriculum Specialist with Britannica, wrote up this cool post on a project Jen Gilbert and I worked on for some of...
EDhub Tour

Virtual Tour

Virtual reality is still kind of a new and developing technology. I jump at the chance to try every new tool and resource. YouVisit...

A New Kind of Library

Although the quote near the beginning of this piece is not something that I said, I do appreciate our new library being featured in...

EDhub Photos

This is a Google Photos Album of our new school library, the EDhub, Experimental Davinci Hybrid Ultra Bibliotheca.

Design Thinking Challenge

My first full-staff professional development day at Eminence Independent Schools was a Design-Thinking Challenge! This place is awesome! Our challenge was to build a...
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