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Here are some templates and things from our “Quick Wins” talk on April 10, 2024. 😀 I hope you find these helpful and that they might spark some ideas. Reach out if you ever need help with anything! Don’t forget to set aside some time to PLAY and experiment, AND be sure to try the keyboard shortcuts!

brand kit for the Kentucky association of school librarians, logos, colors

KY Association of School Librarians Brand KitAdobe Express Template

School library infographic

School Library InfographicAdobe Express Template

School library infographic

School Library Infographic horizontalAdobe Express Template

photo of the AASL conference photo booth

Virtual Photo OpportunityAdobe Express Template

text: A few of my favorite school library moments! photo of Jen Gilbert holding a Library Science sign

School Librarian DayAdobe Express Template

Cover image of the Artificial Intelligence Guidance Brief 2024 (robot holding a book from Adobe Firefly)

KY Department of Education Artificial Intelligence Guidance Brief Link

READ poster, person sitting and reading, KASL logo in the corner

READ animationAdobe Express Link

My story In a world of vibrant colors, there existed a blue, doodle-like mo nster with a quirky personality to match its ap pearance. Its body was a series of scribbled lines and curves, forming a unique and abstract shape that seemed to dance with every movement. The monster's friendly nature and infectious laughter brought joy to all who encountered it, proving that true beauty lies in the heart, not in the appearance. with a blue drawn monster on some green leaves

Digital Storytelling! Adobe Express Template